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What an honour to be asked to judge this years textile competition.

Students were challenged to showcase their skills in business, marketing, and merchandising by creating a business concept of a hypothetical new apparel line that redesigns apparel items (leggings, t-shirts, etc.) for children (ages 2-10) with special needs and/or a disability. See the full competition guidelines for more details.


It wasn’t easy choosing a winner, but here they are.



AATCC would like to extend appreciation to the following developers and judges. Without their expertise and assistance, the Competition would not have been possible.



Muditha Senanayake, Associate Professor at California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Assistant Professor, Design, Housing and Merchandising Oklahoma State University

Sandy Johnson, Director of Sales at Color Solutions International/Dystar

Kerry King, Vice President, R&D at Spoonflower, Inc.

Mark Sunderland, Director Academic Operations/Textile Engineer+ Strategist, Philadelphia University

Mary Brannon, Apparel Technology Coordinator at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising



Alyssa McNamara, Research & Development at Spoonflower, Inc

Claudia Romero, Managing Director at CAPR-STYLE LTD

Craig Crawford, King of Creative at Crawford IT

Emily Coleman, Designer/Merchandise Manager at Jeffries Socks

Kristie Rhodes, Manager, Product Development at Cotton Incorporated

Lauren Dalton, Product Integrity Manager at Zulily

Susan Matter, Product Integrity Manager at Nordstrom Product Group


It was standing room only in Camden tonight at the swell Tom Dixon designed Interchange Triangle for UAL and Centre for Fashion Enterprise‘s 9th Fashion Tech meet up

All of us glamour nerds mingled before and after some thought provoking presentations that included:


Matthew Drinkwater, Head of LCF’s Fashion Innovation Agency: The Impossible Cheeseburger (made from plants) Changing perceptions and exciting people through tech

Irene-Marie Seelig, Stella McCartney Sustainability Officer and Kering sustainability award recipient: the Amadou Mushroom “leather” (it feels super soft — like moleskin. Read more in my forthcoming AATCC piece)

Amy Lee, Head of Trends and Insights at Avery Dennisen: transparency and efficiency in the supply chain with RFID, QR codes, and the IOT platform Janala

Dr Kate Goldsworthy of LCF: From paper jackets to regenerated fibres to Bespoke Digital–Collaborative projects produce amazing new Business models


But my personal highlight was taking “my new best friend” Nancy Johnston, founder of Tengri (sustainable Yak as an alternative to cashmere)  thinking I’d introduce her around — only to have nearly every presenter cite her as one of the best examples of today’s new closed loop sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible businesses in textiles.

Well at least I know all of the right people!

I can’t help it. I get teary eyed with pride every year when the finalists compete in the apps for good marketplace and pitch their app concepts

Look at these 8 – 18year olds who as teams identified a problem that they felt could be solved with technology, researched the market, conceived and designed the app, pitched it to executives in true “dragons den” fashion, and then pitched it to executive guests from all industry sectors in an evening marketplace


The team who produced The School Council App–helping kids stay in touch with school issues and participate in local policy making


Pitching for My Allergy Basket. At 8 years old, these guys developed an idea to allow allergy sufferers to scan as they shop in supermarket to avoid hazardous allergic reactions to food


Helping you find your way–team Destination for You


Team Yum–promoting healthy eating


Torr–these Scottish girls propose an app aimed at helping hikers find trails and mountains to tackle

This year marks the 5th year of this not-for-profit’s work: creating nurturing and sustaining the educational curriculum that makes it all happen with the support of individuals, educators and corporate sponsorships.

For a complete list of winners visit the website.

It’s hard for me to believe that Apps for Good turns 5 this year! 50,000 students have developed 10,000 apps in just 5 years through this amazing nonprofit programme that puts app development curriculum into high school classrooms.

“I’d like to use technology to make day to day life better for everybody,” one of the students told me at the 2016 app launch where this year’s winners showcased their just built apps.

Here is the team from MySoundClash — an app that lets you play music across multiple devices from a single source. It came about because one of the students wanted to share music with the family while on holiday and found sharing a set of ear plugs less than desirable.

The idea is so cutting edge, they only got the tech to work the morning of the launch!



Welcome to the big league kids. And don’t sweat it; this is how the industry does it all the time! #lastminutefinish

Download the apps from the full list of amazing winners from 2015 here 

Delighted to receive British Citizenship today!

Still pinching myself that I’ve been having so much fun working here in London!


Drapers Awards


What a fun night!

Host Joanna Lumley celebrating 25 years of Absolutely Fabulous at the Drapers 25th awards ceremony

We didn’t win the glow stick challenge but my host table K3 technologies dubbed me Mayor of London Drapers with this Ab Fab necklace:


Congratulations to all the winners but I am especially pleased that M&S and Ted Baker won since we are playing together here in London!


M&S receiving their Consumer Choice award for Fashion Retailer of the Year

Ted Baker receiving their Fashion Retail Business of the Year Award

It seemed like the church of PLM at the swell and quirky Sanderson hotel on November 20th as I evangelised about mobile PLM and interviewed Flis Leverton on Ted Baker’s recent PLM journey!

IMG_4713 IMG_4712

So inspiring to talk to brands Jimmy Choo, LK Bennet, Tesco and Superdry about their PLM endeavours

We are truly changing the industry as PLM technologies are FINALLY entering the 21st Century!

And if you think that’s mad, just look at the Mad Hatters Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea we enjoyed after the industry event!

IMG_4719 IMG_4720

I’ve always wanted to be a page 6 girl.
See photo 6:


My buddy Justin Cooke and his amazing team have launched a genius social mobile site: TunePics.

Select or take a photo, match with a tune and post.  Just like that you’re created an audio visual emotion.

And the best part–click through and buy that tune from iTunes.

I posted a pic of my new sparkly metallic nail varnish to Dimitri of Paris’ Pretty Baby.  Yes I am having too much fun!

I was delighted to find the same invisible socks online at Surfdome that I had purchased more than 4 years ago in Paris at Galleries Lafayette

And so when Surfdome asked me to post a review I was more than happy to!

However doing this on my iPhone was a chore.  Snore!

The screen isn’t optimised for mobile.  Boo.

And it didn’t remember any of my details (I bought two colours and the company requested a review on each)

How clever they were to offer me the additional opportunity to also post my review on Facebook!

How stupid they were to not integrate to app onto which I was already logged on. So I had to also log onto Facebook via the mobile web.

And then the review kept freezing on my header comment.  I literally cancelled and re entered this 4 times

I must LOVE this product to be so commuted to posting a review on Facebook!

Anything else and I would have just abandoned the activity and kept my secret peds all to myself!!