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Oh What a Night!

Last night the 2017 annual Apps For Good awards took place at the Barbican London.

The finalists were as enthusiastic and energetic as ever! 

I was thrilled to be involved with the judging of The Internet of Things (IOT) category, the newest addition to the competition.

“It’s very hard to come up with good ideas for the IOT,” said fellow judge Christopher Histed, Master of The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.  “A lot of people try, and I was very impressed at how good all of the ideas were,” he told me after the judging was complete.

Four ideas vied for the win:

  • Keep fit Determination—an app for gamers that promoted physical fitness by shutting games off at regular intervals to force gamers to leave the screen
  • Self Register—using the fingerprint as secure id, this team sought to capture college class attendance, student coursework and grades across multiple devices through a campus
  • SafeStep—sensor enabled mats to alert caregivers and family members of the elderly when someone has fallen or gone missing via a mobile app.
  • Micro:gate—GCSE science practical equipment made easy and cheaply.

Each of the four teams that made it to the finals, had 5 minutes to pitch to 5 Dragons.

Pitches included prototypes, powerpoint presentations and lively demonstration!

And the winner in the IOT category: SafeStep!

After judging, I then moderated a panel discussion with the Impact Award nominees.

Fellow of the Year finalists Adam Lee, Holly Dyson and Tasneem Rahman, graduates of the Apps for Good Programme who are still involved in mentoring and career related programmes, shared their insights on how the programme inspires, motivates, and prepares them.

“Even though my app didn’t win, I never stopped learning and pushing myself,” Rahman said.  “The programme has really helped my confidence and my public speaking abilities.”

Maria Parkes, Educator of the Year from The St Marylebone CE School, Michael Bristow Barclays’ VP/Head of Marketing Wealth & Investment Management and Apps for Good Expert of the year, and Colin Spark from School of the Year Dunoon (Scotland) Grammar  School, were equally enthusiastic about the programme.

“When we try to innovate at work, we often do so within the constraints of the companies we work for,” said Bristow.  “We can’t help it. We’re conditioned.  But the participants in Apps For Good have no restraints in their thinking, and their approach to problem solving.  It’s because of this, we get the best ideas,” he said.

“Try not to lose your innovative approach,” he said to the students.  “We must all remember to think like children,” he said to the audience.

The evening continued with all finalists pitching to guests via the marketplace.

Winners were then announced at the evening’s awards ceremony.

It seemed like the church of PLM at the swell and quirky Sanderson hotel on November 20th as I evangelised about mobile PLM and interviewed Flis Leverton on Ted Baker’s recent PLM journey!

IMG_4713 IMG_4712

So inspiring to talk to brands Jimmy Choo, LK Bennet, Tesco and Superdry about their PLM endeavours

We are truly changing the industry as PLM technologies are FINALLY entering the 21st Century!

And if you think that’s mad, just look at the Mad Hatters Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea we enjoyed after the industry event!

IMG_4719 IMG_4720

Which look is right for me?

Which look is right for me?

From Blippar to Oculus Rift to Make up Genius, the future of Augmented Reality in Fashion and Retail was explored in a fun, relevant and engaging way.
Left to right:
Matthew Drinkwater, LCF Fashion Innovation Agency
Jonathan Chippendale, Holition
Mikela Eskenazi, Blippar
moderator Lynne Murray
Mária Rakušanová, Samsung
Me judging at the hackathon!

Me judging at the hackathon!

Loved being a judge at Adpreneurs & Product Hunt hackathon which urged young entrepreneurs into becoming real founders! As the Adpreneurs tagline goes: “Make shit happen”!

Kick off shot with Nicole and Richard

Kick off shot with Nicole and Richard

Second place winners Sign with trophy printed by 3D company My mini factory

Second place winners Sign with trophy printed by 3D company My mini factory

Click here for The Drum’s article and more info on the winners!

While in a taxi heading to a friend’s birthday dinner, I got a notification from the bank that I had forgotten to pay a credit card.  Oops! Using my mobile banking app I quickly paid that AND my other bills due in the not too distant future.  Paper  bills and checks?  Who needs em when you can pay in real time on the go?!



Shazamed a tune that’s a blast from the past that I couldn’t remember the name.  Now let’s hope when I click through to “buy on iTunes” iTunes actually serves it up!  Sometimes it does not and I have to search for it on iTunes instead.  Vaguely annoying.

Best New York City app EVER: Best Parking.

Type in your zip code (post code) you want to park in as well as your arrival and departure times.  Voila! Parking lots with prices are displayed.  WARNING: The differences in price will shock you!

The app even shows you discounts if you have a coupon and–wait for it–emails you the coupon upon request.

Now that is joined up thinking!

Tonight my parking fee went from $30 to $16!  Woot Woot!

My buddy Justin Cooke and his amazing team have launched a genius social mobile site: TunePics.

Select or take a photo, match with a tune and post.  Just like that you’re created an audio visual emotion.

And the best part–click through and buy that tune from iTunes.

I posted a pic of my new sparkly metallic nail varnish to Dimitri of Paris’ Pretty Baby.  Yes I am having too much fun!

I am really loving passbook.  I’ve stored my Fashion Digital UK conference ticket (which by the way is a QR code! Love!), my Air BnB reservation, and my upcoming airline tickets. Now why hasn’t the London Zoo offered up the same?

I couldn’t navigate their site on my mobile to buy my advanced ZooLate tickets (that was yesterday’s disappointment), so I succumbed to using my laptop only to find that in the end my tickets have been issued as a .pdf file that I have to print and take with me!

Snore.  Thank goodness the event in July won’t be as boring!

A last minute Yelp offer alerted me to discounted tickets to Pam Anne’s show at the Leister Theatre for tomorrow.  The link allowed me to order via the app.

The experience would have been perfect if they had offered one click payment, but the transaction was seamless and now that I’ve purchased once, repeats will be one click!

 eTickets were issued. Awesome!

Now on with the show!