Get a Mobile Life

You can teach an old dog new tricks. But behavioural change is a completely different story!

I got a new IPhone 5s today. You can walk out of the store with it fully operational, and I did!

BUT re-downloading the apps, creating folders for them and basically making it thumb happy for me takes some time.

Plus reconnecting/relogging into them all is a chore! But I think I’m done…carrying the IPhone 4s with me just in case!

Klout notifies me I have a perk and then tells me in the Klout app FAQ section that these cannot be redeemed via the app.  I must go to the website–which is not responsive design. Epic fail!

And YOU measure MY social influence? Get with the mobile program Klout.  Try joined up thinking!

While on my way to brunch in a London taxi I bought a new memory foam mattress topper on Groupon.  It took me less than 5 minutes.  Clicked on an offer that came through on my phone, and via the app I was done in just a few clicks.  It will take longer to deliver it (7 days)!

Am I the only who one thinks that Facebook is becoming an “opinion book” for those approaching middle age and up? Does anyone remember that is was originally designed to be the “snog, shag or marry” book back “in the day”. #userswillmaketechnogytheirown

Today twitter advised me that this week two of my tweets sparked enough interest to get me new followers and a bit of social media buzz. The topics? Ethiopian coffee and rooftop martinis. Proof that drugs–uppers and downers–are still what people care about most!

In less time than 10 minutes while in my taxi heading to work,  I booked tickets to Paris on the Eurostar app.  Sweet!