Get a Mobile Life

Bought 2 pairs of shoes at Liberty of London today because their free wifi let me check Matches sale to see who had the better price!  Thank you Liberty–you got my money and I got great Paul Smith shoes for less!

While in a taxi heading to a friend’s birthday dinner, I got a notification from the bank that I had forgotten to pay a credit card.  Oops! Using my mobile banking app I quickly paid that AND my other bills due in the not too distant future.  Paper  bills and checks?  Who needs em when you can pay in real time on the go?!


Well guess what kids?  Remember that I shazaamed a song yesterday?  We the link didn’t pull it through to the search on  iTunes (as feared).  Searched instead directly on iTunes and downloaded while in the convertible headed to the beach.  Road trip tune now on repeat.  If only my husband enjoyed hearing this infinite loop as much as I do.  Let the summer sun shine!


Shazamed a tune that’s a blast from the past that I couldn’t remember the name.  Now let’s hope when I click through to “buy on iTunes” iTunes actually serves it up!  Sometimes it does not and I have to search for it on iTunes instead.  Vaguely annoying.

Best New York City app EVER: Best Parking.

Type in your zip code (post code) you want to park in as well as your arrival and departure times.  Voila! Parking lots with prices are displayed.  WARNING: The differences in price will shock you!

The app even shows you discounts if you have a coupon and–wait for it–emails you the coupon upon request.

Now that is joined up thinking!

Tonight my parking fee went from $30 to $16!  Woot Woot!

My buddy Justin Cooke and his amazing team have launched a genius social mobile site: TunePics.

Select or take a photo, match with a tune and post.  Just like that you’re created an audio visual emotion.

And the best part–click through and buy that tune from iTunes.

I posted a pic of my new sparkly metallic nail varnish to Dimitri of Paris’ Pretty Baby.  Yes I am having too much fun!

I was delighted to find the same invisible socks online at Surfdome that I had purchased more than 4 years ago in Paris at Galleries Lafayette

And so when Surfdome asked me to post a review I was more than happy to!

However doing this on my iPhone was a chore.  Snore!

The screen isn’t optimised for mobile.  Boo.

And it didn’t remember any of my details (I bought two colours and the company requested a review on each)

How clever they were to offer me the additional opportunity to also post my review on Facebook!

How stupid they were to not integrate to app onto which I was already logged on. So I had to also log onto Facebook via the mobile web.

And then the review kept freezing on my header comment.  I literally cancelled and re entered this 4 times

I must LOVE this product to be so commuted to posting a review on Facebook!

Anything else and I would have just abandoned the activity and kept my secret peds all to myself!!

I am really loving passbook.  I’ve stored my Fashion Digital UK conference ticket (which by the way is a QR code! Love!), my Air BnB reservation, and my upcoming airline tickets. Now why hasn’t the London Zoo offered up the same?

I couldn’t navigate their site on my mobile to buy my advanced ZooLate tickets (that was yesterday’s disappointment), so I succumbed to using my laptop only to find that in the end my tickets have been issued as a .pdf file that I have to print and take with me!

Snore.  Thank goodness the event in July won’t be as boring!

A last minute Yelp offer alerted me to discounted tickets to Pam Anne’s show at the Leister Theatre for tomorrow.  The link allowed me to order via the app.

The experience would have been perfect if they had offered one click payment, but the transaction was seamless and now that I’ve purchased once, repeats will be one click!

 eTickets were issued. Awesome!

Now on with the show!

Today I discovered Grabble–an online service that let’s me grab what fashions I like and save them to wish lists. Clever indeed. I could sign in via Facebook, but the responsive design didn’t let me enter my email address.

Epic fail!

Had to go to laptop to complete my sign up.  Boo!