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It’s hard for me to believe that Apps for Good turns 5 this year! 50,000 students have developed 10,000 apps in just 5 years through this amazing nonprofit programme that puts app development curriculum into high school classrooms.

“I’d like to use technology to make day to day life better for everybody,” one of the students told me at the 2016 app launch where this year’s winners showcased their just built apps.

Here is the team from MySoundClash — an app that lets you play music across multiple devices from a single source. It came about because one of the students wanted to share music with the family while on holiday and found sharing a set of ear plugs less than desirable.

The idea is so cutting edge, they only got the tech to work the morning of the launch!



Welcome to the big league kids. And don’t sweat it; this is how the industry does it all the time! #lastminutefinish

Download the apps from the full list of amazing winners from 2015 here 

Delighted to receive British Citizenship today!

Still pinching myself that I’ve been having so much fun working here in London!


Big Bang Data Exhibition

Let’s face it; we hear a lot about the power of Big Data. But who’s really harnessing it?

The Big Bang Data exhibition at London’s Somerset House (Dec 2015-March 2016) brings together science and art in a thought provoking display of what we currently give away: lots of personal data.



An example: Owen Mundy’s I know where your cat lives. A million feline photos (that contain latitude and longitude coordinates in their metadata) are surfaced up through APIs from popular photo sharing websites such as Instagram. Using a supercomputer at Florida State University, the photos are run through various clustering algorithms to reveal on a map where they “live.”

Since its start in 2014, only 14% of the original cats remain in the project as owners involved changed their privacy settings on their social media, showing awareness is meaningful to most of us when it comes to data sharing.


Other projects include an overhead “galaxy” of moving “stars and constellations” that were formed as global banking institutions processed transactions.

“A high school kid could do it” reveals how Safecast’s sharing of knowledge and open-source allowed people to rapidly prototype low cost Geiger counters in response to the 2011 tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi. The data collected and shared has made them the main source of independent radiation data in Japan.


What a day!  So honoured to have participated in the M&S marketing teams away day In Touch with Darren Turrell of estudio

From motivational speaker Nigel Risner to Ogilvy and Mather Vice Chairman and advertising guru Rory Sutherland, the day was packed with words to live by:

“If you’re in the room, be in the room,” advised Risner

“You can’t solve south London problems with north London maps,” quipped Sutherland as he urged the audience to understand the customer’s psychological relationship with the brand.


Which animal are you?  It’s not important explained Risner. What is important is to recognise it’s all a zoo and we need to talk to all of the animals.  We are all zookeepers.  No kidding!

The day also featured an exhibit area filled with interactive tech to inspire the teams to think about the store and customer experience of the future:

IMG_4466 IMG_4500 IMG_4499

Darren had a go at graffiti, taking him back to his youth as a graffiti artist!


Drapers Awards


What a fun night!

Host Joanna Lumley celebrating 25 years of Absolutely Fabulous at the Drapers 25th awards ceremony

We didn’t win the glow stick challenge but my host table K3 technologies dubbed me Mayor of London Drapers with this Ab Fab necklace:


Congratulations to all the winners but I am especially pleased that M&S and Ted Baker won since we are playing together here in London!


M&S receiving their Consumer Choice award for Fashion Retailer of the Year

Ted Baker receiving their Fashion Retail Business of the Year Award

It seemed like the church of PLM at the swell and quirky Sanderson hotel on November 20th as I evangelised about mobile PLM and interviewed Flis Leverton on Ted Baker’s recent PLM journey!

IMG_4713 IMG_4712

So inspiring to talk to brands Jimmy Choo, LK Bennet, Tesco and Superdry about their PLM endeavours

We are truly changing the industry as PLM technologies are FINALLY entering the 21st Century!

And if you think that’s mad, just look at the Mad Hatters Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea we enjoyed after the industry event!

IMG_4719 IMG_4720

Which look is right for me?

Which look is right for me?

From Blippar to Oculus Rift to Make up Genius, the future of Augmented Reality in Fashion and Retail was explored in a fun, relevant and engaging way.
Left to right:
Matthew Drinkwater, LCF Fashion Innovation Agency
Jonathan Chippendale, Holition
Mikela Eskenazi, Blippar
moderator Lynne Murray
Mária Rakušanová, Samsung
Me judging at the hackathon!

Me judging at the hackathon!

Loved being a judge at Adpreneurs & Product Hunt hackathon which urged young entrepreneurs into becoming real founders! As the Adpreneurs tagline goes: “Make shit happen”!

Kick off shot with Nicole and Richard

Kick off shot with Nicole and Richard

Second place winners Sign with trophy printed by 3D company My mini factory

Second place winners Sign with trophy printed by 3D company My mini factory

Click here for The Drum’s article and more info on the winners!

Caventou Solar Windows

I couldn’t be more proud of Marjan and Thor (pictured below) as they unveiled their new solar windows.

IMG_2985 image1 (2)

Caventou makes beautifully coloured glass that collects solar energy stored in the window sills and converted to charge mobile phones and tablets

As part of Design Week London, drop by 19 Greek Street in Soho London and recharge.

Check out my new article for the AATC, on brands who are digital first:

“Baby I was born this way…”