May 2015

For this zone 1 tech savvy Londoner, getting to the London ExCel center seemed to be the hardest part of this day long event: honestly San Francisco seemed closer! But for many of the attendees, I suspect that the concepts the SalesForce teams and clients presented were more challenging.


Customer centric retail was the clear theme throughout the day. And in today’s economy with many retailers competing for the same consumer wallet, it makes sense that personalized product assortments and personalized retail experiences for every consumer will become best practice.


A daunting journey for many retailers who are only beginning to “think digital.”

Indeed omnichannel is still a heady challenge for most (and not surprising since ecommerce started as a separate silo for so many established brands).


As Coca-Cola’s Erfrischungsgetränke AG CEO Ulrik Nehammer told us, “The most dangerous place to make a decision is in the office. Make decisions at the point where it matters,” Nehammer admits to running his business off of his phone.


With the release of the Apple Watch and Salesforce’s suite of watch apps, can running our businesses off of our wrists be next?

Salesforce: Run your business from your wrist



Interacting with the new synthetic humans on Regent Street London.

The billboard advertised the opening of Persona Synthetics “new store” where you can get your own synthetic human, an innovative digital promotion for Channel 4’s upcoming drama, ‘Humans’.

To see more of the new persona synths, check out their website:

I’ve always wanted to be a page 6 girl.
See photo 6:


While waiting for the tube recently, I received a text from O2 about free underground Wi-Fi. So I tried to register to get online, but was denied access until I went to the nearest hotspot.  The nearest hotspot? The local pub!

Furthering my annoyance, their online billing system is not easy to navigate or read bill details.  In fact, it’s so bad, that after several failed attempts to open my bill on mobile, a phone call with one of their workers led her to conclude “it’s easier to just mail you your bill!”

How can a mobile network provider afford to be so NOT mobile-otpimized?