June 2014


Struggled through a non-responsive mobile site today to buy tickets to a friend’s jazz session tonight at The Crazy Coqs.  It took 5 screens in total, and believe me when I say I only persevered because it was a friend’s performance.  Otherwise I would have abandoned that £20 purchase on screen 3!  No one would EVER wade through that!

Bought 2 pairs of shoes at Liberty of London today because their free wifi let me check Matches sale to see who had the better price!  Thank you Liberty–you got my money and I got great Paul Smith shoes for less!

While in a taxi heading to a friend’s birthday dinner, I got a notification from the bank that I had forgotten to pay a credit card.  Oops! Using my mobile banking app I quickly paid that AND my other bills due in the not too distant future.  Paper  bills and checks?  Who needs em when you can pay in real time on the go?!